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Through your adventures and achievements you will unlock new titles and title colors.

Access the titles menu by using the command [titles or through the UOAC Shard menu (Paperdoll Quest button)


Titles are typically awarded through completing Achievements or by participating in Town Vs. Town_Militia wars.

  • The character who deals the killing blow to a Dungeon Boss can also earn a title for that accomplishment.

Title Hues

Title hues/colors are unlocked by consuming Illusionary titles dyes.

Title dyes can be looted from chests, dropped from monsters or given out at events.

  • The less common the hue, the more difficult the monsters that need to be fought to find it, up to very rare title dyes which typically only drop from Dungeon Bosses

Class Titles

Additionally, titles may be acquired through participation in the class system (Pirates, Dread Lords, and Paladins). Using the appropriate currency, titles may be purchased as per below:

Pirate titles:

  • Pirate (100 doubloons)

  • Raider (1,000 doubloons)

  • Corsair (4,000 doubloons)

  • Marauder (10,000 doubloons)

  • Dread Pirate (40,000 doubloons)

Paladin Titles:

  • Paladin (100 Platinum)

  • Defender (1,000 Platinum)

  • Knight (2,500 Platinum)

  • Crusader (10,000 Platinum)

  • Justicar (50,000 Platinum)

Murderer Titles:

  • Murderer (100 dread coins)

  • Villain (1,000 dread coins)

  • Scourge (2,500 dread coins)

  • Assassin (10,000 dread coins)

  • Dread Lord (50,000 dread coins)