Ultima Online is not class-based but rather a game of skills and stats that will make up a character's template. The skills cap is 700 points total, with an individual skill capping at 100 (note that the cap can be raised to 120 for certain skills through the acquisition and use of Power Scrolls). A "7x" character would refer to a finished template of 100 skill points in 7 different skills. The stats cap is 225 and much like skills the maximum you can have in any one stat is 100.

Location Based Gains

Skills gain differently in different parts of the world. Out in the wilderness and within town, you can expect the baseline(100%) of all skill gain, or normal skill gain. Each each city has a "town square" for crafting skills, in which crafting skills gain 30% quicker (Note that the town squares in Britain give +50% skill gain rate for all skills and that town squares in cities offering the "crafting" bonus give +65% to skill gain for crafting skills only).

Within a dungeon, all of your combat skills (see list below) will raise three times as quickly. Combined with skill scroll drops from monsters, actively hunting in a dungeon is the fastest way to skill up your character. This includes a few caves which are part of the dungeon server (the orc, ogre, and pirate caves).

Skill gain inside of a house is halved unless you are a militia member.

  • Houses = 50%. (Militia members receive 100% house gains)

  • Towns = Wilderness = 100%.

  • Town Square = 130% for crafting skills. Look for the message "You have entered a town square".

  • Aerilon, Balandor are both places with this Crafting Center = 150% for all skills.

















  • Town square = 165% for crafting skills in those cities which have the "Crafting" town bonus if you are a citizen of that town (use [towninfo while in a city to check its bonuses).

  • Dungeons = 300% for combat skills & mining only -  are not considered dungeons for this purpose, but the Orc/Ogre/Pirate Caves do (Remember, macroing skills UNATTENDED inside dungeons is against the rules)

Dungeon boosted skills with scrolls: ( Anatomy, Archery, Arms Lore, Discordance, Eval Int, Fencing, Healing, Magery, Macing, Magic Resist, Meditation, Musicianship, Parry, Peacemaking, Provocation, Tactics, Spirit Speak, Swords, Wrestling )

Dungeon boosted skills without scrolls: ( Animal Lore, Detect Hidden, Forensics, Hiding, Lockpicking, Mining, Stealth, Remove Trap, Tracking, Veterinary)

Power Hour

Uo Sanctuary uses a classic power hour. The power hour grants players an additional 200% skill gains for an hour. Type "[powerhour" to activate it if it is available or to see when it will next be available if on cooldown. Power hour occurs roughly every 22 hours. Remember, power hour stacks (multiplicatively) with the dungeon/crafting bonuses mentioned above. So using [powerhour in a dungeon will grant +600% skill gain for combat skills for 1 hour.

Skill Scrolls

When you kill a monster in a dungeon, you have a chance to get a bronze, silver, or gold skill scroll.

Skill scrolls are hued differently than other scrolls. Using the skill scroll will immediately increase that skill.

  • Bronze = 0.1 skill points

  • Silver = 0.2 skill points

  • Gold = 0.3 skill points

The skill scroll will randomly be generated for any eligible skills you have set to increase; 'locked' or 'down' skills won't see scroll drops. The scroll is only usable for the skill range at which it dropped. (Example: Journeyman skill scroll will only work from 60-70 real skill; Expert from 70-80; Adept from 80-90; and Master from 90-100)

Monsters with a significantly lower difficulty than your skill level won't drop scrolls, but any low-skilled player has a chance to get a skill scroll from the hardest monster in the game. Fighting monsters at your current level will provide the best chance of dropping skill scrolls.

Skill Gain Tips

  • PARTY UP! Skill scroll drop rate is significantly increased while hunting in a party with others. Larger hunting parties will result in more skill scrolls for everyone. Guilds/Groups that farm together and clear out dungeons will have the easiest time raising their skills through scroll drops.

  • While hunting for skill scrolls you can lock all of your skills but Magery and Resist in order force skill scroll drops of these types. Getting skill scrolls for the harder to raise and more expensive skills while hunting will be a more efficient use of your time. Many people scroll up slower rate skills in the 90s such as Magic Resist, Anatomy, Tactics, and Provocation for example.

  • At a certain skill level, some monsters stop dropping skill scrolls; furthermore, it's a good idea to save skill scrolls until you can go all the way to 100,0 with the scrolls you've saved up. Example: Air elementals in Shame drop master level scrolls only if you're 90,1 or below in a skill. That means that, if you stay at 90,1 or below you can save up enough master scrolls to go to 90,1 - 100,0 relatively easy.

  • The other option would be to either macro(more on macroing below) from 90,1 - 100,0 or get skill scrolls from other monsters. However, the monsters that drop scrolls from 90,2 and above are significantly harder to come across and kill (Lich Lords, Dragons), so for certain skills such as Resist, one of the best ways to GM it is to save up scrolls as described above.

  • Baron's Ring can be obtained through Town_Vs._Town_Militia which will give you a 20% increase in skill scroll drop rate.

  • The League of Heroes also calls out for assistance fighting a boss monster once every eight real life hours. So long as you deal some damage to the boss, you are guaranteed a gold skill scroll drop as reward. If you are trying to raise a specific skill, lock all others and you will gain one for the unlocked skill, even if it is 90.1 or higher. Only those skills which are eligible for skill scroll gains will drop, however.

  • Shame provides the best skill scroll farming through 60-80. Destard is good for scrolls from 80-95. Hythloth and Deceit have increased scroll drop rates and mobs that will drop skill scrolls all the way to GM. See the skill scroll drop guide (Skill_scrolls) for more detailed information.

  • Daily_achievements can be done for two silver skill scroll rewards along with a chance for other rare items.


Most players ultimately resort to macroing in order to finish their characters. What this means is that you essentially let an automated set of actions run in order to gain skill while being afk or doing other things. The most effective way of gaining skill, is often to use it in a repetitive fashion such as this, and that's also quite boring to do manually, which is why you should definately macro your character at some point. To set up macros, you should use Razor. How you set up your macros is up to you, but generally you can identify some repetitive action that will result in skill gain, if it's easy enough to automate you can probably set up a macro for it. Some examples:

  • Melee skills: If character A needs to gain melee skills, you should set up a macro where A is hitting character B. To attack another character in town you need to be either in the same guild, or be flagged criminal to one another. If you're not in the same guild, go outside of town and make sure BOTH characters flag criminal. Then attack one another and wait a minute or two. After that, your characters should still appear grey to one another while being blue to everyone else. The skill level of the equipped weapon of B (if he has macefighing, he should have a mace equipped) determines the skill gain rate of A. Either A or B needs to be healing B, the most cost-efficient way to do this is by using bandages. So, you can easily see that you can combine skill gains here. If A is a dexxer (melee template), you'd want Healing on that character too, so he'd gain both Healing and his Melee skill while doing this. In the same macro, you can also tell A to use Anatomy on B, thus gaining yet another skill.

  • Restocking: To constantly have resources to use for your macro, you should stand close to a bank and use your Restock Agent in Razor. This is fairly self-explanatory on how to set up. In order to get a Restock Agent in your actual macro, you need to set up a hotkey for that Restock Agent and use the hotkey while recording the macro. There are many reasons why you wouldn't want to keep all the resources on your person. Someone could steal them, or you could die and loose them all.