Poison Magery

Mages with the Poisoning skill can cast poison and have it upgraded to Greater, Deadly, or even Lethal, but only against monsters. Scaling upwards to GM skill, spellcasters can reach a point where all 'poison' spells cast are at least greater poison (with 20% of them being deadly and 10% of them being lethal).

Alternatively, they can inflict these levels of poison using the Poison Field spell as well, but at a much lower chance. The poison field will still only do normal poison against players.

Note that having a Warlock enhanced spellbook equipped increases these chances a further 50% (30% chance of deadly poison and 15% chance of lethal poison at GM with a warlock tome equipped).

PvM Charged Spells

  • Similar to special weapon attacks, but intended to assist pure mages in PvM.

  • Damaging spells (Magic Arrow, Harm, Fireball, Lightning, Mindblast, Explosion, Energy Bolt, Flamestrike, Chain Lightning, Earthquake) now have a 10% chance when casted by a player to fire off as a Charged Spell when hitting a creature

  • Charged Spells have a visual effect on the target (similar to Weapon Special Attacks) and now additionally have the visual effect previously associated with Enhanced Spellbook spells (such as looking like 2 Fireballs firing off)

  • Charged Spells inflict +50% damage (only against creatures)

  • The chance of obtaining a charged spell can be increased using the Inscription and Spirit Speak skills


Auto Dispel Mechanic

NPCs of a certain difficulty or higher periodically emenate a pulse which will damage all summoned creatures attacking them.

  • The unadjusted damage from this pulse instantly deals each summoned creature damage equal to 60% of their maximum health.

  • This amount may be reduced by investment in the Spirit Speak skill (up to 15% reduction at GM or 18% at 120)

  • This amount may be reduced by investment in the Inscription skill (up to 15% reduction at GM or 18% at 120)

  • This amount may be reduced by 15% by equipping a summoner's Enhanced Spellbooks at the time the creature is summoned.

  • Summoned water elementals are more resistant to magic and take at most 45% of their maximum health

  • It is possible for a mage who is deeply invested in mage skills (100 Spirit Speak, 100 Inscription, Summon Tome equipped, and using water elementals) to eliminate damage from the autodispel aura. Pets so summoned can still take damage from the creature's normal effect.

The autodispel pulse radiates more frequently for stronger monsters. Weaker monsters do not autodispel.

  • Event Bosses have an AutoDispel cooldown of 3 seconds

  • LOH Bosses have an AutoDispel cooldown of 4 seconds

  • Dungeon Bosses have an AutoDispel cooldown of 5 seconds

  • Sequential Champs have an AutoDispel cooldown of 6 seconds

  • Non-Boss Very Hard difficulty creatures have an AutoDispel cooldown of 8 seconds

  • Non-Boss Hard difficulty creatures have an AutoDispel cooldown of 10 seconds


Spirit Speak

Mages who are trained in Spirit Speak gain additional enhancements in PvM only when casting spells.

  • The number of spells reflected by one casting of magic reflection is increased (only effective against spells cast by monsters)

  • The amount of damage abosrbed by one casting of reactive armor is increased (only effective against attacks from monsters)

  • Spells do more damage to monsters (up to 20% at GM or 24% at 120 skill)

  • Spells have a greater chance to be cast as charged spells (up to +15% at GM or +18% at 120 skill)

  • Spirit Speak reduces that damage your summoned pets will take when hit by an autodispel effect (rising to 15% damage reduction at GM (or 18% reduction if you go to 120 through the use of Power Scrolls



Mages who are trained in Inscription can boost their damage against monsters further when casting spells from a scroll.

  • When casting spells from scrolls against NPCs, mages receive a scaling bonus to their chance to obtain a charged spell (described above).

  • At GM inscription, the chance to cast a charged spell when casting from a scroll is increased by 50%.

  • Inscription reduces that damage your summoned pets will take when hit by an autodispel effect (rising to 15% damage reduction at GM (or 18% reduction if you go to 120 through the use of Power Scrolls


Magic Reflect Spell

  • Magic Reflect Spell acts entirely as normal when dealing with PvP (only 1 spell reflected)

  • Players casting the Magic Reflect spell while equipped with a Wizard Enhanced Spellbook, now receive 8 spell circle levels worth of reflection, only against creatures however

  • A spell cast on a player (from a creature) removes a number of spell circle levels equal to the spells level (i.e. lightning reduces 4 spell circle level)

  • If any spell circle levels on the player's Magic Reflect spell remain while a spell is cast on a player, the spell is reflected (i.e. a Magic Reflect with 2 spell circles remaining will still reflect a Flamestrike, but will then be at 0 and end)

  • Spirit Speak skill adds up to 8 additional spell circles worth of Magic Reflection (creating a total of up to 17 spell circles when paired with a Wizard Enhanced Spellbook and 120 spirit speak)


Enhanced Spellbooks

  • Slayer enhanced spellbooks increase damage by 50% now against their monster type

  • Specific enhanced spellbooks, such as Fire, Energy, etc increase their spell type damages by 25% (still only against monsters)

  • Mind Blast spell now is part of the Warlock Enhanced Spellbook (so it now receives that 25% damage boost)

  • Earthquake spell is now part of the Wizard Enhanced Spellbook (so it now receives that 25% damage boost)


Eval Int

  • Evaluating Intelligence has lowered importance on this shard. It is still a beneficial skill to have, but a caster with 100 skill will do approximately 40% more damage than a caster with 0 skill (as opposed to other shards where the casters with evaluate intelligence will do 200% more damage).

  • Eval Int behaves as normal in PvP


AoE Spells

  • Chain Lightning and Meteor Swarm are now effected by damage bonuses from Eval Int as well as Inscription (damage bonus only against monsters though) and their respective Enhanced Spellbooks (also only granted bonuses against monsters)

  • Chain Lightning has a radius of 2 (a 5x5 grid) and good damage

  • Meteor Swarm has a radius of 3 (a 7x7 grid) and decent damage

  • Damage is no longer "divided" amongst targets: all targets take base amount of damage, making them excellent farming spells and occasionally useful in large PvP scenarios (base damage is halved in PvP though)


Creature Casters

Creatures now have casting animations and casting times similar to players. While they can't be interrupted during casting with standard attacks or by using line of sight, players can take advantage of seeing how long a creature is casting to estimate what type of spell is coming. Additionally, players can make use of Fencing special attacks to increase the time needed for creatures to cast spells (Fencing special attack increases creature casting time by 33% for 6-12 seconds)

Some special attacks such as the bard Peacemaking skill will interrupt an NPC spellcaster that is in the middle of casting a spell at the time it hits.

Creature spellcasting AI has been greatly improved and some casters will heal / cure / buff other members of their groups and cast spells normally not seen by creatures in UO (Magic Reflect, AoE spells, summons, etc).

Explosion Potions

  • Inflicts double damage against creatures

  • Has the standard 10 second cooldown


Hiding, Stealth, and The Invisibility Spell

  • Players must first use the Hiding Skill at least once before making Stealth attempts (i.e. casting Invisibility alone will not let a player begin stealthing)

  • If a player at any point uses the Hiding skill while under the effect of Invisibility before the spell timer expires (120 seconds at GM Magery), they will not be revealed when the spell expires