Power scrolls are powerful magical artifacts which increase a character's maximum skill rating by 5 points each.

  • For applicable skills, there exist 4 scrolls, one each to specifically raise the character's skill maximum to 105, 110, 115, or 120.

  • These scrolls must be used in sequence (a character must first use the 105 skill scroll, followed by the 110. They can't skip one).

  • Because these scrolls only change the maximum skill rating, characters must still train or macro their actual skill rating higher to see the benefit to the new values.

  • These scrolls do not increase a character's total skill points beyond 700. A character who wants to benefit from these scrolls needs to sacrifice the points from somewhere else in their build.

  • Power scrolls are tradable (if you acquire one on a character that does not have that skill or does not wish to advance beyond 100, you may trade or sell it to other characters).

Eligible Skills

Not all skills are currently eligible for power scrolls. They will currently only drop for the skills listed below (all crafting / gathering skills, and some PvE oriented skills)

Note that although tamed pets can be used in PvP, the strength of pets which require above 100 animal taming in pvp is scaled so that they perform similarly to those pets available at 90-95 skill. Higher end pets may still offer some added survivability, but damage increases will tend to only be noticable against monsters and other NPCs.

Acquiring Power Scrolls

  • Power scrolls have a chance to drop from all mini-champ and boss spawns in the main dungeons.

    • Mini champs have a 40% chance to drop one to two 105 or 110 classed power scrolls.

      • Only the last boss in the sequential has this chance (for example, Hythloth seqeuntial has multiple monsters labelled as bosses, but the scroll can only drop from the final boss).

    • The more challenging dungeon bosses such as Maggot have a 100% chance to drop one to two 115 or 120 classed power scrolls.

    • Each of the 6 bosses in the fire chance has a respectable chance to drop one or two 115 or 120 classed power scrolls.

  • In all cases, if/when a power scroll drops, it will appear in the inventory of one of the players contributing to the fight. It will not be on the corpse.

  • Blacksmithy and Tailoring power scrolls can also be earned as rewards for certain bulk order deeds