U Sanctuary allows the purchase and/or crafting of player housing

  • Players are limited to one house per account

  • Players are limited to three houses per IP address

I Will Be Doing more details for housing this is to give you an idea how it is set up im working on custom housing as well a new system for it

Crafted Houses

You may craft any house in the game now its not bought from an npc.

To Craft a house you will need to make a house part deed

Takes to build

75 carpentry

100 wood

100 ingots

100 cloth

you will need to purchase a land ownership deed from an architect vendor for around 10k

small houses take 3500 wood, cloth, and ingots.

medium house will take 5k of each.

Large 10k of each .

guild hall sets 50k

Larger houses are set high because map is smaller then Lost Lands

there is houses in the land that can be bought there pre made houses


Being a citizen of a town certainly has it's benefits, and one of them is being able to own property within the town limits.

Skill gain rates while inside of a house are at 50% for normal characters and the full 100% for militia members.

Note: House deeds (just as anything else bought from NPCs) are significantly cheaper as a citizen of the town you're purchasing it in.

House Variety

You can find pictures of these houses at UOguide : http://www.uoguide.com/Houses

Warning: NPC vendors will buy deeds back from you but at much less than they sell them for.

House Decay

Houses last as long as they are not demolished by the owner or allowed to pass through the final stage of decay known as "In Danger Of Collapsing (IDOC)"

Houses decay as they did on OSI. This means going from "Like New" all the way to "In Danger of Collapsing".

  • Most house stages last many days so that players who need to go out of town or take a break from the game do not lose their house.

  • Once a house reaches the stage "In Danger of Collapsing", it will collapse completely 24 hours later.

  • When a house fully decays, its items are dropped on the ground, and the ground is clear for the placement of any other house that will fit.

  • House status is refreshed when an owner or co-owner opens doors or access the house sign menu

    • Custom house owners using only teleporters will want to make sure to use their house sign periodically


House Commands

Spoken CommandResult

I wish to lock this down Locks down an item in your house.

I wish to secure this Secures a container in your house. Each secure container can hold 125 lockdowns. A secure container will immediately occupy 125 lockdowns, whether the container is empty or full, or anything in between.

I wish to release this  .Releases a lockdown item or a secure container.

I wish to place a trash barrel. Places a trash barrel right where your character is standing.

Remove thyself. Ejects a player or creature from your house.

I ban thee. Bans a player or creature from entering your house.

I wish to place a strongbox. Co-owner command. When spoken, a strongbox will appear at the co-owner's feet.

Use an axe or hatchet on a strongbox or similar to remove it.

House Placement Issues

When placing a house, some people experience an issue with the ghosted image of the house being in a different location than the placement cursor. This is caused by the playing window being somewhere other than in the upper left of the client window. Click on the gold border and drag the playing window to the upper left as far as you can. It should be far enough that the top and left borders are no longer visible.

To place a house you must be 3 spaces east and west from any other houses and 5 north to south. The land must be even through the whole house placement area. You can place over most of the plants and things you can walk through.

Please note: Houses placed next to yours may prevent you from upgrading your house, so be careful!