New Guild System

Guilds will now get % of EXP for killing anything in the game the more active you are the faster your guild will level

Guild Perks

1.  Gatherers:

    Bonus to all gathering skills (includes skinning creatures).

2.  Crafters:

    Significant bonus to crafting skill gains while in your town.

3.  Adventurers:

    Increased gold drops from monsters in dungeons.

4.  Luck:

    5% added Luck.

5.  Hunters:

    Slight damage increase to monsters.

6.  Greed:

    Increase the volume of PvP Currencies dropped

7.  Reprieve:

    Reduced penance duration for Paladins and Murderers.

8.  Tamers:

    Increases the chance to successfully tame monsters (you'll still need to meet the required minimum taming)


              0  None
              1  FameKarma
              2  WeaponDurability
              3  ArmorDurability
              4  Lucky
              5  Gathering
              6  Hunting
              7  Taming
              8  Lucky
              9  Crafting
             10  Lucky
             11  Hunting
             12  Reprieve
             13  Greed
             14  Adventurer
             15  SelfRez
             16  SequentialRestart
             17  RezGuildmate
             18  Lucky
             19  Gathering
             20  Taming
             21  Lucky
             22  Crafting
             23  Lucky
             24  AoeRez
             25  Lucky

Using Guild Abilities

Guild abilities can be used with the following power words:

  • An Corp: will res the speaker if they are dead, or give them a target for selecting a guildmate. 30 minute cooldown

  • Vas An Corp: area resurrection in a 4 tile radius of the speaker. 24 hour cooldown

  • Kal Vas Xen: Challenge a dungeon boss to another fight. 6 hour cooldown

All abilities have a guild based cooldown, that means if someone just used self resurrection and you try to use it, you will have to wait until the cooldown is up. Also the resurrection abilities cannot be used in a house or on a target that is not in line of sight.