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It's important to us to maintain a healthy economy for those crafters and gatherers who choose to harvest their own materials. The main rule is that unattended (AFK) resource gathering is explicitly forbidden. This is a bannable offense.

This includes performing any of the following activities while AFK (or while tabbed into another program and letting macros, scripts, or software perform these activities for you without your control).

  • Lumberjacking

  • Mining

  • Lockpicking (locked treasure chests)

  • Bulk order Deed acquisition

  • Fishing that involves movement (whether walking around, or on a boat that sails)

  • Shearing sheep / picking cotton

The Harvesting Gump

For Lumberjacking, Mining, and Lockpicking, and bulk order deed acquisition, whenever you attempt to harvest the given resource a gump will appear.

  • This gump has 9 images. A player needs to identify and select the image that stands out as different from all the others.

  • Failure to correctly answer the captcha gump multiple times will result in the character being jailed for AFK resource gathering.

  • Having the gump timeout (such as if the player disconnects while harvesting) will not result in jailing, but all resources will be lost.

When a player correctly answers the captcha, they will immediately be given access to all of the resources where applicable.

  • For example, rather than needing to mine the same location several times to get all of the ore out of it, mining just once is sufficient and will net you all of the ore in one shot.

  • Because of this, even with the captcha in place, mining and lumberjacking can harvest resources faster than on most other shards.

Vendor sold Resources

Vendors do sell ingots and boards, but prices are intentionally set high enough (10 gold per ingot and 5 gold per board with all applicable discounts and 0% taxes) so that it will always be better to make any bulk purchases from players.

The vendor inventory is intended for emergency situations when a player vendor can't be located and you need to craft something (for instance if you need to craft a new axe and can't locate any miners selling ingots and don't have time or inclination to mine them yourself).