Why Donate?

Donations not only help our shard grow, but they help cover the hefty costs of server hosting.
Ultima Online: Sanctuary is 100% free server to play, but we do offer rewards for those whom help us with these costs.

Available In-Game Gifts

You can see the available gifts by using the [donationshop command while in-game.
There are many to choose from!
These gifts can be claimed with the Shards rewarded when donating.

Please Note

Donations are not to be confused with sales.
No staff member will ever ask you to donate, donations are made by players of their own volition.
Donations are non-refundable.
Thank you for your support!


UO:Sanctuary is supported by Player Donations, advertising revenue, and the Owner. Donations made will first be used to pay monthly shard expenses, as well as to support needed hardware upgrades as our player population grows. We also will occasionally run targeted ad campaigns to help bring new players to the shard. Thanks again for your interest in donating, and thanks for enjoying the shard!

when you donate please leave your Charecters name in the extra info part the gift you pick will be given to you within 24 hours you can also pm the details in the discord chat to Ancient One