Choosing Your Citizenship

To become a citizen of a town, you need only enter the limits of the town's guard protection, where players with no allegiance will be prompted to become a citizen. If the prompt is closed or disabled, the following command can be spoken while present in the town you wish to be loyal to:


I wish to become a citizen



A screen will prompt you to make sure you wish to join.

  • When you become a citizen, all characters tied to your account will become citizens of that town, so chose your city wisely.

If you should ever need to know what city you are a citizen of, uttering "where art thou from" will cause it to display above your head.

Abandoning your current hometown

If you decide that you wish to join another city, at any time you may say:

I wish to revoke my citizenship

When you revoke your citizenship, this will also revoke the citizenship for all characters tied to your account.

  • After joining a town, you must wait five days before revoking your citizenship.

  • One hour after revoking your citizenship, your ties to your former city will be severed, and you may join another town.

There is a five day waiting period between switching towns again.

Benefits to Citizenship

There are many benefits to becoming a citizen. It is highly recommended to become a citizen of a town.

  • You receive a steep discount on purchases from NPC's in your town.

  • You will receive the benefits of the town bonus(es) selected by your king (type [towninfo to see what the active bonus(es) are)

  • You must be a citizen to vote in the monthly elections.

  • Only citizens may enter a bid to run for the throne.

  • The exile board is limited to use by local residents.

  • Only citizens can place housing within a certain area around their city.




The Militia Stone in Balandor

If you wish to participate in the town -vs- town militia wars , you can join your city's militia. To join the militia, you must first be a citizen of a city. Once you have become a citizen, find the militia stone in your city and double click it. Double clicking will open a menu that prompts you to join.

If you wish to leave the militia, say:

I wish to resign from the militia

There is a 24 hour waiting period before you can resign, so make sure you are willing to make the commitment.