There are three types of battlegrounds:

Siege rCTF - Hotjoin cCTF - Competitive


Siege consists of two teams, offense and defense, fighting against each other to either kill or defend the King of the map. Between each team lies a series of walls and doors that can be destroyed with new siege weaponry.

Siege Weaponry.

There are three types of siege weapons: cannons, catapults and rams. All three can be moved around with a player, while dragging the player will slowly lose stamina and be unable to drink refresh potions. Siege weapons will be placed around the map on spawners and there will also be stationary cannons and catapults that cannot be moved. The catapult is a high damage and high range weapon with low health, the cannon is a high damage medium range and medium health weapon, and the ram is a high HP low damage low range weapon.

Siege weapons can be dragged by single clicking them and choosing connect in the context menu, this will attach the weapon to the player. If someone is dragging a siege weapon no one else will be able to drag that weapon. To disconnect a weapon you can single click it again and choose release in the context menu.

Siege weapons can be fired at players and walls and will deliver splash damage to the targeted area.

Melee weapons are now effectively siege weapons as well and you can attack siege walls, siege doors and siege weapons with them.

Siege Blockades

Siege doors and walls will be placed in the maps (they will look similar to surrounding walls). If you find an impassable wall with doors you can use siege weapons to take them down (including melee weapons). Siege doors are only usable by the defending team and are locked for the offense, however if a defender leaves a door open an attacker is free to move past it, they just cannot open it to get back through / let in allies.


There are currently two maps available, here are some pictures (siege walls/doors and weapons are not in place)


CTF is the basic CTF game play. Your team has a flag which you want to protect. You must go to the enemy team's base, grab their flag, and return it to your flag in your base to capture. If your flag is not at home you will have to return it before you're able to cap.

Flags can be picked up/returned by double clicking. To capture an enemy flag you must double click on your flag with the enemy flag in your backpack. Flags drop to the ground upon death. Players carrying a flag are hued the color of the flag they are carrying to make them identifiable to the team that needs to get their flag back.

Picking up a flag:

Picking up a flag:






flag picked up

Capping a flag:





flag captured

rCTF - Hotjoin

Hot join allows players to join and leave freely. Players are always placed on the smaller team and autobalancing will happen every minute (moving the last player to join a team to another team).


There are two hot join maps:


starry expanse

cCTF - Competitive

Competitive CTF requires the players to build their teams prior to the game starting. Once each team reaches the minimum required players per team the game will start. If the teams are unbalanced when the game begins autobalancing will balance them.


There are two competitive maps

How to Play

All battlegrounds can be accessed from the [battlegrounds gump, which can also be found on the UOAC Gump (gump from quest button / more context menu). In the BGs gump you will see a list of BGs along with their status/type/# of players and buttons to join or queue.


If a battleground is active and NOT a competitive CTF match you will be able to click the Join button and enter right into the battle and be placed on the smallest team.

If a battleground is NOT active you can click the queue button and be placed into the queue for that battleground. You can queue for many battlegrounds at a time but only able to enter one. If the game is a competitive CTF match, clicking the queue button will bring up a team selection gump so you can build teams with your friends and challenge others. Once the queue gets enough players or each team has the minimum number of people the games will start and prompt each player to join.

Battlegrounds Gump:



battlegrounds gump

join gump

When a game is inactive the player count shows the number of people in the queue out of how many are required. When a game is active the player count will display the number of players playing out of the maximum.

Upon entering players are given a robe with their team's color to make them identifiable. If you are wearing a robe it will be moved to your backpack or bank box.

Green and Gold team robes

Players cannot enter a battleground if they are in combat, to prevent jumping into a BG to escape enemy players.


Battlegrounds can be left by using help stuck or using the [leave command. Players will be returned to where they were when they entered the battleground.


Pets will not follow you into battlegrounds. Upon death the player will gather their belongings and in a few seconds (currently 15 for all BGs but customizable) will be moved to their spawn and resurrected and refresh/requipped with what they were wearing. Players can be resurrected by teammates before this timer ticks down and stay in the fray.

Scoring / Rewards

Players can view the scoreboard at any time via the [scoreboard command, the scoreboard will be displayed to all players when the game ends. The scoreboard lists the players sorted by overall score and colored their team's color. The scoreboard displays different stats based on the battleground. CTF shows Kills, Deaths, Damage, Healing, Captures and Returns. Siege shows Kills, Deaths, Damage, Healing and Siege Damage.

Scoreboard Preview:


The players on the winning team will receive trophies for getting the top score for each category (multiple can be received).



Switching Teams / AFK Players

There is a [teamswitch command that can be used by a player in a siege game to switch to the team with the lowest number of members (wont let you switch if teams are unbalanced). If a team has an AFK player or someone not participating they can [votekick to vote to remove that person (you can only vote on teammates)


To spectate a battleground, there first must be an ongoing battleground instance, there will be a spectate button at the bottom of the battlegrounds gump:

battleground gump

Once clicked you will see a list of active battlegrounds that you can spectate

spectate gump


You can click the spectate button to enter the battleground as a viewer, you will be completely invisible and cannot perform any actions except running around the battleground to witness the carnage. Spectators will remain hidden and cannot speak, cast spells, lift items, use items, use skills or do anything that would interfere with the ongoing battle. Spectators can still speak in guild/party/alliance chats. Spectators may leave at any point with the [leave command and also using help stuck. Spectators will also be removed from the battleground once it has ended and be shown the scoreboard. Spectators will also not block active participants and will not be blocked by other spectators or active participants.