• Achievements are one of the unique features on UO An Sanctuary.

  • This feature rewards you for exploring britannia all over again.

  • Achievements progress and completion is tracked on a per-account basis. Separate characters on the same account can all contribute towards completion of the same achievement.

  • There are over 300 achievements in the game, ranging from PvE, Roleplaying, Crafting, Exploration and PvP.

  • Upon a completed achievement you may receive gold, skillscrolls, rare items, titles, or just some fireworks, all depending on difficulty.

  • Your personal achievements tracker is accessed through the character paperdoll by clicking on the "quest" button. It will pull up a gump, allowing access to a multitude of features.

Achievement Menu

  • Achievements highlighted yellow indicated that you can receive a reward.

  • To claim an achievement rewards, click on the green circle.

  • NOTE: You can claim achievement rewards at any time. It is best not to claim deco item rewards until you have a place to store them. Otherwise they will occupy a lot of your bank space.


  • For new characters, it may be worthwhile to do the city exploration achievements as they can be completed easily using the Moongates and will yield you some starting gold for equipment or training skills when you claim the rewards.

Daily Achievements

  • In addition to the general achievements which can only be completed once, there are also many daily achievements offered.

  • Completing a total of seven of these on any given day will yield a small box of treasures and also contribute towards your guild experience points (used in increasing guild levels).

  • These achievements reset every day. As with the other achievements, these are tracked on a per-account basis.