New Stuff Coming Soon!!!

all new stuff will be in feature list on web page


  • New faction system

  • New guild system. Every monster & animal will reward guild Exp

  • guild Perks. Per guild level

  • New smaller map, new map will have one capital and five towns the capital will have rep system to lower vendor cost you will have to get reputation up with Balandor

  • Rep system

  • mounts enabled

  • new tamable

  • Reputation system for every dungeon

  • new skill combo for skills not used as much or not used this era. Like Herding

  • other worldly gates will open on the main Land with a small spawn and boss

  • New Template system. [templates You will start with 4 free templates. 

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Preview of New Guild Features

guild gump.jpg

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New features of guild

Guilds will now level by killing

  • monsters

  • Completing Guild Battle Grounds

  • Defeating Bosses

  • More Ways to come


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